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How you can donate and help hohc

Thank you for choosing to make a difference and donating to House of Hope Church in Pasco, WA. The donated funds will be used for buying church equipment, classroom supplies, the church building, and supporting missionaries so that they can continue the spread of the Word of Jesus Christ, our Savior, in any way possible.


As of right now, we do not have our own place and are renting a building to gather together for God's glory. We started with enough space for services, bible school, youth service, etc., but we are running out of room as our church family grows. We need more classrooms and a bigger space for many of the ministries. With your donation and prayers, we wish to build, buy, or rent a bigger church, all for the glory of God. Thank you for being part of this donating ministry!

God Bless, House of Hope Church

ways you can donate:



Drop your donation/offering envelop ether in the wooden box at the entrance or when the offering bag gets passed around



Donate Via Cash App


New Users Enter Code "SPPPKRW"

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